Fuel Insights have developed a robust and cost effective range of bulk fuel logistics tools. What can full visibility of your bulk fuel storage and consumption do for you business?



Automatic tank gauging (ATG) has now become intelligent with the launch of The Fuel Insights Intelligent Tank Gauge (ITG). ITG is a cost effective easy to install ultrasonic level sensor that allows for high visibility of fuel stock levels out in the field.

The Fuel Insights platform pushes alerts, for low level warnings and is ideal for vendor managed inventory applications, or simply to ensure you never run dry and halt operations.

  • Level measurements are encrypted and pushed straight to the cloud through a multi GSM network.

  • Completely wireless and battery operated for up to 5 years life.

  • Remotely control digital dip rate and monitor device condition.

  • Automated emails and alerts sent to your phone.

  • Our Telegram bot helps keep your operations teams with their finger on the pulse.

  • ATEX rated for use with a multitude of fuel types.


Leaning on the Fuel Insights design philosophy of modern cost effective solutions for the fuel industry, a new app-based fuel management system (FMS) was developed. Vehicle and driver identification is enabled through the rugged FMS Mobile Hardware and tracks every transaction.

The Fuel Insights FMS solution provides businesses a full and immediate view of fuel volumes going into every vehicle in your operation.

  • Fuel transactions are pushed to the Fuel Insights cloud service as they happen using secure web protocols.

  • Vehicle and driver identification using barcodes or tap-n-go tags/cards.

  • Vehicle odometer or running hours captured for fuel consumption analytics.

  • GPS location and driver e-signature provide traceability.

  • High level and detailed dashboards tailored to your business’ needs.

  • Automated emails and alerts sent to your phone.